We are travel enthusiasts, who thought it would be a good idea for everyone to create their own, original maps to record their travels, future plans and dreams. Maps, where you can mark the places you have visited, places you haven’t visited, mountains you have climbed, ferrates you have conquered, countries you have ridden across on a bike, rivers you have swam across, simply anything you can think of.

Why keep your postcards and photos from your travels hidden, why have magnetic souvenirs tucked away in a drawer when you can turn your travels into a unique, customized, interior design piece.

The original map that you create is a daily reminder of your past and future travels.

In order to please everyone, we have created a wide selection of magnetic maps under one roof, ranging from cities, regions, countries, continents and the whole world, in a wide variety of colours.

The authors of the maps are promising artists from all around the world.

Every map is an original, made just for you in the highest quality. The best material and state-of-the-art printing machines are used in the production process. Every detail on the map is carefully checked before it is sent to you. We have been in the production and printing business for 20 years.

We ship the maps to all countries worldwide.