1.  MAGNETIC MAP – A Galvanized Sheet Base

A magnetic map on a galvanized sheet base is the most popular type of map. The galvanized sheet is clean, does not stain or corrode. One minor disadvantage is that it may be more difficult to put up on a wall but its ease of use makes up for it. The map is drilled into the wall with screws. The magnetic map on a galvanized sheet holds magnets and magnetic souvenirs of all sizes.

Unfortunately, this product cannot be shipped to all countries worldwide because the shipping cost is sometimes more expensive than the product itself due to its size.

Instructions for installation of magnetic map on galvanized sheet

The magnetic map on a sheet is a sandwich product. The 1mm thick sheet is printed with foil and then laminated.

2. SELF-ADHESIVE FOIL – A Magnetic Map

This self-adhesive map can be put on any flat surface, including a wall. The advantage of this map is that it is easy to install. This self-adhesive magnetic map is not a magnet in itself but it contains pieces of iron so it easily holds all common magnets and souvenirs. Larger and heavier souvenirs may not stick to this foil because the force between the magnet and the foil is not strong enough. If you have a heavier souvenir with a small magnet, either replace the magnet with a bigger one or add another magnet to it to prevent the magnet from falling and increase the strength between the magnetic souvenir and the foil. If you want to put heavier souvenirs on the map, consider buying a magnetic map on a galvanized sheet.

Instructions for installation of self-adhesive magnetic foil

We use high quality, special German pheretic, 0.8mm foil with channel glue to make the map so that it is easy to stick on and smooth out on a wall. The map is laminated.






You can choose whether you want the map that you can repeatedly write on and erase or a map that you cannot repeatedly write on and erase. If you choose the map that you can repeatedly write on and erase, the surface of the map is treated with 100% smooth lamination, which makes the surface look glossy. It is worth considering if you want a map that you can repeatedly write on and erase because if you so much as touch the text, it will wipe off. If you do not want a map you can repeatedly erase, you can choose matted or glossy lamination.

If you want to write descriptions on a blind map that you will not erase, we recommend purchasing a map that you cannot repeatedly write on and use markers to write the descriptions on the map. This type of foil can also temporarily be erased so you do not have to worry about making a mistake in your description. However, maps that cannot be erased are not 100% smooth, so the descriptions become permanent over time and cannot be erased.